Simple Minded Games

Simple Minded Games - also known as "SMG", is a small indie Game Development team, targeted towards Windows PC, Android & Apple Mobile, and HTML5 Web games using the power of Unity. SMG also develops Windows applications, and both 2-dimentional and 3-dimentional games. The team of Simple Minded works volunteerily out of their own free time. We believe games are meant to be played for fun, and for free. We develop because we love games, and we love to create things. Simple Minded Games is completely directed toward simple comedy, with intrekit philosphical meanings behind everything we do. Simple Minded Games plans to eventually span into TV and Movie (Cinema) entertainment in the future as well.

Dibbie Knight

Dibbie Knight - also known as "Dibbie The Developer", is a 18-year old Game Developer from Canada, with the passion and intent to create innovative, fun, and interesting games of a variety of genres. Dibbie is also the manager and lead programmer of Simple Minded Games. Dibbie is an active Unity Developer, and freelance generalist programmer. Dibbie also builds Windows-based applications, and is a member of several game development teams, including Exalon Games. Dibbie focuses all of his free time and energy developing his skills in programming, expanding his knowledge in game development, and practicing the art of technology and programming. He believes if you have a goal, with a strong enough passion, and supportive team, you can achieve it only through effort, and patience.

The Team

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