Combat v1

[Dibbie The Developer]

"Combat" is a simple game created by Dibbie The Developer back in 2013, as a fun game to test out a few skills. Artwork by Chros, and music by Olympus, this small collab created this in Visual Studio. You are a warrior fighting random and bazar enimeies, and the point is simply not to die, and rack up as many kills as possible. See if you can keep your kills higher than your deaths. Once and if you die, see if you can beat your personal best!


Fleeta Pixels (Online)

[Simple Minded Games]

"Fleeta Pixels" was an ongoing joke with Dibbie and a friend. It later became an actual online game, with many intended limitations (no microphones, no chat system), to be a party game. Something to play with your friends over Skype or TeamSpeak, etc, and take a break from your normal competitive games. The point of this game online, is to dominate by growing your fleet to a max of 50.


The Best Zombie Game Ever!

[True North Games]

"The Best Zombie Game Ever!" was a game Dibbie and his friend created as the first official game for True North Games, owned and ran by Dalan Dugas. It was an interesting concept and a great learning experience for Dalan into programming with Unity, and sold 40 copies on the day of release. With permission of Dalen and True North Games, Dibbie can offer this game for free!


Auto Saver v1

[Dibbie The Developer]

"Auto Saver" is NOT an actual game, but an Application. It is as its name intends, an auto saving application, that works for any program, runs in the background with a lot of customization settings. Created by Dibbie, back in Unity 4.x when crashes was a big known problem and unsaved work would be lost.


The Tools of the Trade:

Unity 5!

Visual Studio 2015!


3DS Max!