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Simple Minded Blueprints!

Any and all content related to Simple Minded Games, recruitment & join requests, news and updates, media information, game concepts and ideas, and more can be found here! Essentially, this is the hub of SMG and the place to find additional WIP (Work In Progress) content of Simple Minded Games!

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Work Manager Beta (v1.2)

Work Manager is currently in beta testig, if you happen to try the application, any feedback on design, functionality, and bug reporting only helps improve it in later versions. I want to try and make this tool useful to YOU - the people who are always busy like me.

Work Manager is a WINDOWS based self-management application - it is design to help you keep a bit more organized. I originally designed it as a tool to help me organize project and school work.

Download Work Manager Beta (v1.2)

Watch the Work Manager Tutorial Video!

Outchased b2

Outchased is a mobile-supported game, with a Web support in the works as well. It will be released on Android soon, and is currently in testing Stay tuned for updates!.

Click the Outchased logo to launch the SMG Player and try out the beta Web version.

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