Fast v1

[Dibbie The Developer]

"Fast v1" is the first version of Move Fast created by Dibbie back in 2014. It was a simple game to play on Android when your bored in class or waiting for a friend. In this game you need to collect the dots that appear as fast as you can before they disappear. Every dot that disapears takes a toll on your time. Run out of time, and you lose.

Fast 2

[Dibbie The Developer]

"Fast 2" is the second release (and newest) version of "Fast v1", origionally created by Dibbie. In this game, you need to try to collect the dots or make connections between 2 dots as fast as you can before they disapear and take some of your round time with it! Move too slow, and you will lose. Updates for an in-app currency shop system are coming soon.

The Tools of the Trade:

Unity 5!

Visual Studio 2015!


3DS Max!