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Company Privacy

All users, website viewers, players of Simple Minded Games products and services, admins and all third party members personal information, and any information provided to Simple Minded Games for any reason remains in complete confidentiality only between the member and the company. Meaning any information provided, is kept in the privacy of Simple Minded Games Service Manager, and the member whom have provided said information. This information will never be distributed, displayed, or sold under any circumstances for the protection of the member.

Cookies & Data Collection

Simple Minded Games do not currently use any cookies or related forms of tracking or saving user information on this website. Simple Minded Games also does not use any background tracking or monitoring services or scripts to collect user data. The information of any user is withheld only to the product(s) or service(s) in operation by the user, and thus only exist within and related to said product(s) or service(s).

Third Party Services

All officially released third party services displayed on Simple Minded Games, or that are offered to Simple Minded Games for the usage of this website, and only those that have been completely reviewed and approved by the website manager of Simple Minded Games, apply only to the website, and any policies, tracking, terms, data collection that is related to, or otherwise applies to the user of this website, will be detailed and updated within the Privacy act.

All active and approved third party API's and services fall under their own rights, and are not maintained by Simple Minded Games. None of these services or API's track data retrieved by Simple Minded Games for unauthorized usage, gain, or non-statistical collection purposes. This data is only reviewed by the third party application, and Simple Minded Games.

Donations & In-App Purchasing

Any and all donations made to Simple Minded Games directly, either through Simple Minded Games approved games, applications, or services, or usage through the Blueprints web page, are donations made toward the constant development and improvement of Simple Minded Games services, games, content and future features such as networking servers and databases, as well as funding and maintaining the purchase of our website domain and paid services upkeep.

All donations are completely voluntary, and do not affect or restrict the access to free services and games offered by Simple Minded Games. Some future content and services of Simple Minded Games may only hold permissive access to paid or subscribed members.

Any purchases made within any game or application developed by Simple Minded Games, act as direct purchases made to Simple Minded Games and only apply to said application or game, in which most in-app purchases, micro transactions or other forms of legitimate currency, apply to a virtualized or fictional item or gain that only exists within said application or game.

Last Updated on 9/3/2016, by Dibbie Knight

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