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Products & Services Terms of Usage

Users denote to any registered or non registered viewer or recognized member or returning persons or anyone with access to the website. This implies administrators as well.

Any and all website viewers, users, players of Simple Minded Games products, both sold and freely offered, are the complete property of Simple Minded Games and the respective collaborators involved in the development or production or otherwise creation of the product(s) in question, and are completely restricted to the user, website viewers, players of Simple Minded Games for any intent of re-use, re-sale, or modification to any degree.

While using any services provided by Simple Minded Games, found on this website, are to remain respective to their terms of usage. This means that the user, the website viewer, the players of Simple Minded Games product(s), the administrators, the guests, and all parties; first, second or third, will use these services respectfully and will refrain from any and all comments that suggest, or are a direct or blatantly intentional remark of content related to sexism, pornography, racism, nudity, hacking, spamming, scamming, unauthorized advertisements, bots, or comes in violation of any users, members, or admins personal details that would otherwise remain personal.

This applies to any media (graphics, videos, audio, files, GIFs, ...) of, or related to said conditions mentioned above, and apply to all third party services offered on Simple Minded Games.


All games, game-related content, and website content is the complete ownership and intellectual property of Simple Minded Games. All content related to the company and any of our products, games, and services are originally created, and are owned by Simple Minded Games, and their respective content belonging to the member of Simple Minded Games. The member of Simple Minded Games who hold the original rights to their own work, and Simple Minded Games are the only affiliated parties with the permission of complete free usage and modification as needed to reflect the content and update of released games, all in beta stages, alpha stages, expected release, concept stages, and complete release.

Copyright Division

The content related to Simple Minded Games team members with the ownership and granted permission of divisions to Simple Minded Games, and all content related to the respective member, belong to said member and is not in any affiliation with Simple Minded Games policies, terms or conditions, and fall under the terms and conditions, policies, rights, usage, and any legal support of the division owned and managed by the respective member of Simple Minded Games.

All members of Simple Minded Games are protected under the companies legal support as members of the company, and conflictions that come in any violation of the respective members legal division content while on their website, or come in violation of Simple Minded Games legal content while on ours, can apply the same, or higher degree of legal action.

Usage Rights

All games, content and applications developed and managed by Simple Minded Games are original content owned by Simple Minded Games. Content, including the content related to the company, their artwork, logo, or other trademarked, copyight, registered or owned content, is completely prohibited of any form of duplication, modification, sale, give away, or free use in any way shape or form. The intellectual property and integrity of Simple Minded Games, and all of its content, is restricted to any use of third party services, studios, companies, businesses, or individuals who are not associated directly with Simple Minded Games, under contract, verified and approved by Simple Minded Games, and thus represented by Simple Minded Games.

Duplicate or similar content that may reside on an Simple Minded Games member's Division Page, directly or indirectly, and are posted under the Division as the original content creator, is owned by the individual by written agreed permission of free usage of game content for display or non display purposes. Duplicate or similar content that reside on an Simple Minded Games member's Division Page, that do NOT fall under this agreement, will never be displayed on that members Division Page.


Simple Minded Games only offer one selective and managed channel of approved advertisement through the Advertisement Service, found on the Blueprints web page. Any third party with the intent of advertising their companies product or service, must have the representative, advertisement manager, or company owner communicate the appeal of the advertisement(s) in question, directly to Simple Minded Games, and must first be completely approved, and uploaded by the owner of Simple Minded Games to allow your content to be legally displayed and confirmed of legitimacy. Any other forms of advertising fall under the advertisement act and legal actions regarding this can possibly take place, upon the consistency of spam. This type of advertisement will be removed from the website in all residence of it's existence.

Advertising should never be done through any other form, service, or media displayed or offered and managed by Simple Minded Games with the exception of the designated registered advertisement spots on the website of Simple Minded Games.


Simple Minded Games content, products, and services are only reflective and authorized across Simple Minded Games website, and do not mirror the terms and policies of third party services and products, or divisions of Simple Minded Games. These services and divisions fall under their own acts and legal ties, and not all of their policies reflect those of Simple Minded Games.
Divisions are shared server space and shared service usage only.

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